Imran Sir

IMRAN SIR'S - Coaching

Md. Imran Asif is an active, talented artist with bubbling energy. Though he is adept at painting on any subject his favorite is the reality of life, where he depicts the inevitability of power. Imran Sir participated in many art shows and exhibitions. Currently, a self reliant art teacher who has extended his services for past 15 years to the children and youth of our nation. For him “Drawing and painting is not what one sees, but what one can make others see.”

Number of children, have been trained by him, in drawing, and painting. As a young, energetic and a capable organizer, he strive to render meaningful service to the field of his activity and to contribute to enrich the field of fine arts. By struggling hard, against all odds, he has realized his childhood desire.”

On His Aim…
He aims at providing informal training as it helps to promote and adorn the artistic skills of students. He aspires to create an awareness of changing environment by constantly relating the student’s learning to real life situations. He strives to provide the necessary facilities, direction and experience to foster creativity and thereby help each individual to discover his own identity & potential. He is geared to assist in developing values, attitudes, aesthetic sensitivity in young minds.”

On His teaching skills…
“Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”

Working on this phrase, He is all set to prepare our younger generation to think differently and enhance their own creativity.

Given a topic --- kids think of their own ideas and compose it. Now here our Imran Sir’s work start i.e ; giving direction to the sails. He just put the right things /colors at the right place, that’s it.

According to SIR, Learning By Doing-- is the best way to teach a child as slowly and gradually he will learn to find solutions of his problems as well. Undoubtedly, he is always there to satisfy budding minds and further show a path for their ideas towards a journey in which they express their creativity with artistic splendor.

“Rules And Models Destroy Genius And Art”

Keeping these things in mind, Imran Sir appear as an elder buddy for Kids. There is always a light atmosphere in the class.His sole objective is to train kids playfully as these are the essential building blocks that would be providing an insight to discover the real art, the truth and its meaning behind it.

On His Morals…
With all humility he says: “My parents, teachers, have molded me to the person, I am now. Drawing and painting is my life. Commitment to drawing and paintings is my strength. Serving the people from fine arts platform brings solace to me. My life can not be imagined without drawing and painting. I want to reach out to people through fine arts.”

Imran Sir has set high morals for himself. He is a man with strong character. He is aware of the fact that children imitate their teacher /guru , so he is committed to set an example in front of them.

On His Profession…
Blessed with an opportunity, he is fortunate enough to render his skills as a teacher. Such is the impact of this honorable profession that till date, he is a professional art Teacher in a reputed public school in Greater Noida. But as one says that, “Art Knows No Boundaries and LOCs” he render his services to various blossoming artists in his institution also.

His Thoughts for ART…
As a Young Philosopher – he use to say that---
A great artist is one who see life as an art. There is immortal relation between art and life and if we separate art from life, it is lifeless.
Further he says that, there is a hidden artist in every human, and if that thoughts are taken out heartedly, the work/piece which will come out, would be most beautiful and will have magnetic effect which attract everybody towards it.
He has set many goals for himself and is on a mission to make his aspirations come true. He feels proud to be teacher and guide of children by seeing them flourishing in their respective fields.