Crack The Ceed


1. All we know that CEED is all about designing and creativity, the exam will test a candidate’s aptitude for design, visual perception ability, drawing skills, logical reasoning, creativity and communication skills. So here are CEED exam preparation tips which may help you to get the desired score in the exam.

2. Go through the previous year’s papers: See the previous years question paper it will help you to understand the types and level of questions that you have to face. If any known of yours is studying in the IISc’s or IIt’s then have the guidance from them about paper pattern.

3. Practice sketching the objects around you: When you start for preparation just keep in mind that you need to practice more and more with new innovative and creative ideas to get better result in exam so to crack CEED practicing is only hammer.

4. Sketch everyday objects: Next preparation tips for CEED exam is that you have to sketch some everyday objects. This should include representing objects as they are, with their material and texture. You need not be too great still life artist, but you should be able to convey through your sketches well.

5. Try freehand sketching: Sometimes Sketching using instruments is not allowed in CEED. It will help you to learn basics of freehand sketching. The best way is to sit with pencil and paper and try to sketch.

6. Select right equipments for practice: Fortunately for CEED exam preparation, all you need is pencil and brains. So what pencil do you use? Always try to use 2 grades of pencil: H-grade for rough work, light drawings, etc and B for rapid work and where shading is involved. A wooden pencil works best, but sometimes a 0.7 mm pencil is best kept in reserve. Also, pack a non-dust eraser. Knead able eraser is the best, but slightly expensive

7. Improve Imagination skills: What you see is what you draw. Sometimes, you have to “see” in your mind. This is visualization. So, first try to get best picture of what you want to sketch in your mind, then think about it and then put your pencil to the paper. Enhance Creativity: It might be helpful to think laterally. For example, list 10 uses of a coin other than currency. And do this within a minute. I hope you get the point.

8. Watch cartoons or read daily comic strip: This might sound silly, but comic strips actually are an example of a storyboard. Sometimes questions are asked to represent a storyline, say, how will you make a cup of tea. This will need your sketching skills as well as story-telling ability. So don’t just laugh at jokes in comic strips but see how they have told it, and why they have draw things in the way they appear. These CEED exam preparation tips will help you enhance your skills and guide you on how crack CEED exam, but ultimately the skill lies within your practice and how well you practice.

General Questions about Exam :
What is the procedure for applying ONLINE ? Please read the instructions given in CEED 2013 website: /ceed2013 When and how will I know the status of my application? The status of your application will be put up on the CEED Application website. You have to login with the email id and password you used to enter the application form.

When will I receive my admit card? Admit card can only be downloaded from the CEED Application website from 2nd November, 2012. Sending Admit cards by post has been discontinued. Bring the admit card at the test center along with at least one original (not photocopied/scanned copy) and valid (not expired) photo identification. ONLY the following photo identifications are permitted: Driving license, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, College ID, Employee identification card, or a notarized Affidavit with Photo, Signature, Date of Birth and Residential Address. Photocopies of the original identification document are not acceptable. Candidates will not be permitted to take the test if original and valid photo identification is not presented.

How many times a candidates can appears for CEED examination? There is no age limit and a candidate can appear in CEED any number of times

After submission of application, am I permitted to change my Examination City/Centre? Requests for change of examination centre may be permitted if a request with a valid reason for the same is received in the office of the Chairman, CEED 2012, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai – 400 076 on or before 25 October, 2012 along with a Demand Draft of Rs. 400/- drawn in favour of “IIT Bombay”, on any Nationalized Bank, payable at Mumbai. The decision of the Chairman, CEED, in this regard will be final.

Am I allowed to leave the examination hall during the test? Candidates will not be allowed to leave the examination hall for any reason during the test. Candidates are allowed to leave the hall only after the Computer based test is completed and Question-Cum-Answer-Booklet from all the candidates in the examination hall have been collected and accounted for.

Will there be any arrangement at the test center for the safe keeping of my personal items such as my mobile phone? No such arrangements will be possible at the test center. You have to make your own arrangements for safe keeping.

Is there any time limit for Part A (Computer based test) or can I start the examination with Part B and go for Part A later? No, you can attempt the questions in Part A or Part B as you wish in any order within the overall time limit of 3 hours. You may wish to look at the ease and difficulty of questions and plan your time accordingly.

What are the permissible/non-permissible items at the Test centre?

Calculators, Electronic diary, mobile phone, and any such electronic gadgets, blank papers, clip boards and log-tables are not allowed in the examination venue.

(test image) A candidate has to bring his/her own pencils of different grades (e.g. H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B etc.), sketch pens, poster colors, and other drawing materials for the examination. No drawing sheets have to be brought.

Is there any reference book for preparation for CEED examination? No specific text book or guide book is recommended for preparation. Candidates may however polish up their drawing, rendering and visualization skills. Candidate may go through the previous year question papers for reference.

I forgot my registration number/ application number which are needed for viewing application status, printing Admit card. What should I do?

Check the hard copy print out/PDF that was emailed to you. This contains the application number. Your application number also has been sent as an SMS to your registered mobile number.

You can also Login to the CEED Application website with the email you registered with. All the application details will be available there. In case you forgot the password, click on the “Forgot password” link.

In case you forgot the email address, first try to enter other email addresses you may have.

As a last resort, you can send an email to with the following information: (A) Your full name (B) Date of birth (c) Registered mobile number.

I would like to change some of the entries that I made in the online admissions website. Is this possible? If you wish to change any information (e.g. email address, dob, name/surname, phone number, Category) please send an email to and a written request to Chairman, CEED 2013, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai 400 076.